Villa Padma – Best of Private Luxury Phuket Villas for Rent

best private luxury Phuket villas for rentPhuket is one of Thailand’s best beach destinations. An island known for its naturally beautiful surroundings and rich culture, this has been a favorite of beach lovers for many years. Unspoilt beaches and luxury retreats are what Phuket is all about. If you love being out in the sun and spending a great amount of time at the beach, then it is time to choose among the available Phuket villas where you can spend your island holiday. A very impressive haven you should not miss is Villa Padma. Nestled amidst lush greenery and with amazing panorama of the beach, this is among the most popular luxury Phuket villas currently available. Located in Cape Yamu, this is only 25 minutes away from the town of Phuket and is only 30 minutes away from the International Airport.

The infinity pool deck that showcases a luxurious swimming pool, cozy loungers, and magnificent views, makes this villa in Phuket a truly blissful retreat. Villa Padma was created to impress and every inch of this place will blow you away. There is an internet connection for hassle free connectivity. There is also a BBQ area where you can spend some lazy time with your guests while enjoying freshly grilled skewers and cocktails. The Cinema Room, which also doubles as an extra sleeping area boasts a 12-seater complex and a collection of popular movies from different genres. Villa Padma is a fusion style Phuket villa with the right mix of contemporary elements with Thai accents.

From the infinity pool, you will be rewarded with the most breathtaking views of the beach and the distant mountains. The villa offers beautiful scenery day all day. A sunken sala with nautical color scheme also makes a good lounge spot. The views from here are unobstructed, making this a favorite of guests as well. This is the perfect place to watch the sunset and get dreamy about the tropical ambience. Click here for more details.

Villa Padma is among the Phuket villas that will surely wow you in terms of accommodations. No room has been spared from understated glamour. All the bedrooms are grand and spacious, with the roomy bed facing the sea and the mountains. You will love waking up to this place. The open design also allows guests to have a glimpse of the tropical garden. Cushy chairs and a contemporary TV complete the look. Even the en suite bathrooms are worth raving about. Whether you are having your morning shower or having an aromatic bubble bath after all the partying, the bathrooms will make you feel like a royalty. Luxury toiletries and towels are available. Our best private luxury Phuket villas for rent has a furnished balcony where they can enjoy the vista even more.

The dining room is very charming and was designed to be comfortable. There are enough seats for 8 guests here. Ancient art hang on the wall and luxurious Thai accents are used to create a homey feel. All in all, Villa Padma is one of the Phuket villas you will love.