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home-buying-guide-in-singaporeHome buying can be a tedious and tiring process but at Exquisite Homes, our Residential Real Estate Consultants know exactly how to assist you to get the property of your choice – fuss-free, hassle-free, trouble-free. We will show you to homes (both resale or uncompleted projects) that suit your budget, taste and lifestyle.

Being our customer, you can be sure we will keep you updated with the latest rules and guidelines on making property purchases in Singapore – how to use your CPF, what restrictions are imposed on foreigners, getting bank loans, tax and legal matter and more.

If you are thinking of buying a property as investment. Do contact us as we are just the property professionals that you are looking for. With our wide connections within the real estate industry (with banks, real estate consultancy firms & property developers), you will be receiving the best advice from the best sources.

We have most of the properties in Singapore. If you like to use our unique products and friendly services and you can’t find the properties listed here but on other websites or media, contact us.

To fully utilise our products and services, it is recommended that Clients reserve our services in advance to further enhance the property search experience. Many of our clients had reserved our services a week to two months in advance. Let us know the date and time you will be available to commerce the viewings and we will reserve our services especially for you.

Home Financing & Bank Loan

– Do I quailfy for a Singapore dollar housing loan if I am a foreigner?

Unless you are a Permanent Resident, you are entitled to one Singapore dollar housing loan. For more information on foreign exchange and cash deposit services in America, Spain, England, Australia & New Zealand.

– What are the ways for me to finance a property purchase?

There are several ways for you to finance your purchases. Basically, you can either use your CPF and/or loan from commercial banks/finance companies. Often, a combination of different types of loans and savings from your CPF is used. From 19 July 2005, the maximum housing loan for private properties and HDB flats should not exceed 90% of the purchase price or valuation of the property, whichever is lower.

– What are the key factors that will affect my housing loan application?

Since the main concern for banks would be whether the borrower would have money coming in the future date to repay a loan, your bank will usually examine the current market value of the property (if any); your income; your employment history; your assets and liabilities; the total equity which you are committing to the property, and your age.

– What are the charges in taking a bank loan?

Each Bank has its own set of charges, but generally the following applies:

  1. Processing fee: for processing a loan application
  2. Pre-payment fee: for repaying part of or the full loan ahead of schedule
  3. Third-part charges: for the valuation fee, legal fee (including the fee for the lawyer to act behalf of the bank), stamp duty, and insurance

Others: Some banks also charge for making changes to the original loan application or for canceling a loan offer after you have accepted it.

– Is there any other loan that will help me to pay for the down payment of a property?

Yes, you may use a bridging loan, which is a short-term loan designed to tide the borrower over a period when he needs cash. However, because bridging loans are usually available for those taking up a housing loan from the same bank. Some people also use this type of loan while waiting for the release of his CPF funds.

– What are the documents I need to produce a housing loan?

Most financial institutions require the following items:

  1. Latest CPF statement for CPF withdrawn under the Residential Property Scheme (for refinancing loans)
  2. Tenancy agreement (if any)
  3. Latest 6 months to 2 years housing loan statements from current financier (for refinancing loans)
  4. Latest income tax Notice of Assessment/ last 3 moths pay slips or the Notice of Tax Assessment for those self-employed
  5. Latest CPF statement of account
  6. Option to purchase (if any)

– When should I repay the full bridging loan?

You have to do so upon completing the transaction of purchasing the property (usually 3 months), subject to a maximum of 6 months.

– How is the bridging loan interest calculated?

It is calculated on a day to day basis and is payable every month.

– Is there any type of loan available for me to rebuild my bungalow?

You can apply for a reconstruction loan.

– Can I use an overdraft to rebuild my bungalow?

You can use an overdraft to rebuild your property, but a reconstruction loan has a lower interest rate, and you only need to pay for the interest rates on the amount you have used.

– Should I refinance my property with another bank with a much lower interest rates?

It all depends. This is because you must take into account the pre-payment penalties involved in redeeming your mortgage earlier than the maturity date. Therefore, you have to compare the monthly installments offered by each bank and include the penalties for terminating the original loan. Also, it would be not be sensible to refinance at the end of a loan period since the interest gain in the new bank would be minimal. Lowest price guarantee Singapore hotels deal!

– Can I redeem my mortgage?

It may be redeemed any time, however, but you may have to pay a fee for early redemption. The fee is known as the pre-payment penalty, and is based on the mortgage loan amount or outstanding amount.

– How can I redeem my mortgage?

You may do so by giving a notice of redemption to your Bank. Your lawyer will prepare a “total discharge of mortgage”. He will then arrange with the Bank’s lawyer to execute the Total Discharge of Mortgage, and register it at the Registry of Land Titles. You then pay off the mortgage loan in exchange for the signed “total discharge of mortgage” or “deed of reassignment”.

– What happens if I default on my mortgage loan?

The following are the actions the Bank can take:

  1. Sell your property to recover the money lent to you;
  2. Appoint a receiver, that is to appoint a person to take charge of the property if the bank wishes to obtain rents from your property;
  3. Insure your property against fire and other fortuitous accidents, and
  4. Refuse to allow you to redeem the mortgage of another property if you have mortgaged more than one property.

– Can I sue the Bank if my property which I defaulted on the mortgage loan is sold at a very low price?

Unless you can prove that the Bank has acted carelessly or recklessly in selling your property at a much lower price that what the market is willing to pay, the Court will not interfere.

– After the Bank sells my house, will I be entitled to any money?

Yes, provided that there is any left after the Bank recovers the money lent to you, including all other expenses in selling your house.

– If the bank’s lawyers delayed their preparation of a mortgage which consequently required me to pay interest to the Seller, what should I do?

Unfortunately you will not have any course of action against the bank since the bank does not bind itself to you to provide the loan before the completion date. The bank’s lawyers also do not represent you, therefore you will also have no recourse against them.

Singapore Property – Restrictions On Foreign Ownerships

– Who are classified under “foreign person”?

A “foreign person” is clasified in the Residential Property Act as:

  1. Any Permanent Resident
  2. Any person who is not a citizen of Singapore
  3. Any foreign company or converted company or
  4. Any society or converted society which has not been granted approval or received exemption by the minister

– Are there restrictions for foreigners wanting to own properties?

Yes. Unless there is a written approval from the Controller of Residential Property Land Dealings, a foreigner can only buy the following type of properties:

  1. Any flat in a development bearing the tittle “Condominium”
  2. Any flat in a building that has at least 6 levels, including the ground level and any level below the ground
  3. Any non-residential, commercial or industrial property

A foreigner needs to apply to the authority if he/she wants to purchase the following properties:

  1. Any landed residential properties including detached houses, semi-detached houses and terrace house
  2. Any flat in a building of less than six levels
  3. Any vacant land zoned for residential use

Applications are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and the entire process should take about three months.

– What are the factors the government would consider when reviewing my application?

The government will consider the following main factors:

  1. your ability to make an economic contribution to Singapore
  2. your qualifications
  3. whether you are a Permanent Resident of Singapore

– Can I appeal if my application to buy a landed property is rejected?

Yes. You may appeal to the Ministry of Law within three months from the date of notice of rejection. However, the Minister’s decision is final and you will not be able to appeal again.

– Can I transfer my approval to buy a land property to another foreigner if it is granted?

No. It cannot be transferred.

– Is it possible for my Singaporean friend to buy a landed property on my behalf, and make him a trustee for my benefit?

No. Such an arrangement is illegal.

– What are the restrictions on home loans for foreigners?

Yes. Foreigners (except Permanent Residents) and non-Singapore companies cannot be granted Singapore dollar loans to purchase residential properties. Each Permanent Resident is only allowed one Singapore dollar loan to purchase a residential property for owner-occupation. Permanent Residents are also able to borrow loans up to 80% of the purchase price of the property.

– If I have developed a town house development, will I be able to hold on to one or more units after completion?

No. Even though you are the developer of the project, you are a foreigner and will still need to apply to the government for approval to purchase a landed residential property.

– While awaiting for my Permanent Resident pass, I am buying a house with my sister who is a Singaporean. Will we are able to obtain Singapore dollar loan from banks?

Each bank has its own loan criteria. Generally, banks are able to grant you a loan for Singapore citizens, if your immediate family members meet their required age and income.

– If I am a Permanent Resident getting a home loan, how can I obtain a home loan?

To obtain a Singapore dollar loan, you have to provide:

  1. a written undertaking that you do not have outstanding housing loans from any other financial institutions in Singapore
  2. you are buying the property for owner-occupation

Managing Your Investments

You can also oversee your property investment in the comfort of residing in your home country. After you have purchased your property, our specialise team of Expatriate or Relocation Consultants will manage your property on your behalf. We will provide you with constant feedbacks and follow ups which make it seems just like you are here.

Some factors to consider when buying a property for investment :

Economic and business conditions
If you are cash-rich, you could probably buy a property even during “bad” times when property prices are likely to be depressed, and hold on the property until prices have risen. But if you’re not certain about having a guaranteed income during an economic downturn, then you should think twice before investing.

Timing of investment
Time your investment so that you buy as prices are starting to increase, and sell before they decline. This is, of course, easier said than done. But experience and constant monitoring of market movements would help. You must have the financial resources to stay invested for some years, and shouldn’t bet on being able to make a quick profit on the property.

Housing and land policies
Keep in touch with government policies, property developers’ plans and commercial banks’ practices as these may affect property prices.

Understand profits and risks
Work using realistic figures when you do your sums on the cost of purchase and the expected return or income from the investment. In particular, you should assess how you’d be affected if the property market falls. That’s when your expected return/income would fall, while you’d still have to keep paying the housing instalment.

Be objective when you compare and analyze property investments. While emotions may influence your investment decisions, eg. you are attracted to the premises or locality, you should always keep in mind your reason for wanting to invest – most of the time, this would be to get an investment profit or rental.

Good location
A well-maintained property in a good location enhances its ability to produce a good rental income or a good price at the end of the investment. It’s thus important to make a physical inspection to ensure that the environment is suitable for occupation or investment.

Maintenance of property
Good maintenance should enhance the value of the property. For a landed property such as a terrace house or bungalow, you may want to consider appointing a professional to manage your property if you do not have the time. For condominiums and HDB flats, you will pay the management corporations and town councils to take care of the common property and common areas.

A Lawyer’s Role In Property Transactions

What is my lawyer’s responsibility when I purchase a property?

The duties of your lawyer are the following:


  1. Title Search : to verify and confirm the property’s ownership before advising you whether or not to pay or sign the option to purchase
  2. Bankruptcy or winding-up & judicial management search : to check that the seller is not in the bankruptcy list or winding up judicial management list
  3. Option or Sale Contract Check : to make sure that the terms of the contract are fair and agreeable to you


  1. Caveat Lodge : to make sure that another person cannot make any deals with your property.
  2. Official enquiry on the Title with the seller’s lawyer : a detailed check is made on the Title of your property to ensure that it is in order.
  3. Send official enquiries to various government departments : to find out whether there is any legal obstacle on the property.
  4. Transfer documentation : prepare the transfer in your favour, send them to the seller’s lawyer for approval, and then engross the document.
  5. Preparing or vetting the mortgage loan and/or CPF Board documentation : contact your banker & the CPF Board for the necessary documents .
  6. Notify the Management Corporation : (if a strata titled property is purchased) the MC will be notified, and particulars of the maintenance and service charges obtained
  7. Completion Account : inform you that you have to get ready the necessary payments.
  8. Completion : after making a final search to confirm that that the Title is free from any encumbrances, your lawyer will arrange and meet all parties involved to exchange the documents, payments and keys.

Can I change my lawyer before the transaction is completed?

Yes, the outgoing lawyer has to hand over to the newly appointed lawyer all the relevant papers. However, you will have to pay the outgoing lawyer for any work already done. If not, the outgoing lawyer may exercise his right of possession and thus delay the handing over process.

Can I engage the same lawyer as the seller?

Yes. There is no law in Singapore that prohibits a lawyer from acting for both the vendor (except if he is a developer) and purchaser concurrently. However, it is not advisable to use the same lawyer in the transaction as there may be the problem of conflict of interest.

Can I ask for a discount on my legal costs?

No. giving discounts may be seen as a gimmick used by the lawyer to attract business unfairly.

What is “exercising” the Option to Purchase?

Yes. Foreigners (except Permanent Residents) and non-Singapore companies cannot be granted Singapore dollar loans to purchase residential properties. Each Permanent Resident is only allowed one Singapore dollar loan to purchase a residential property for owner-occupation. Permanent Residents are also able to borrow loans up to 80% of the purchase price of the property.

If I have developed a town house development, will I be able to hold on to one or more units after completion?

No. Even though you are the developer of the project, you are a foreigner and will still need to apply to the government for approval to purchase a landed residential property.

While awaiting for my Permanent Resident pass, I am buying a house with my sister who is a Singaporean. Will we are able to obtain Singapore dollar loan from banks?

Each bank has its own loan criteria. Generally, banks are able to grant you a loan for Singapore citizens, if your immediate family members meet their required age and income.

If I am a Permanent Resident getting a home loan, how can I obtain a home loan?

To obtain a Singapore dollar loan, you have to provide:

  1. a written undertaking that you do not have outstanding housing loans from any other financial institutions in Singapore
  2. you are buying the property for owner-occupation

2016 Samui Best Villas – Offering Good Value For Money

To ensure a hassle-free and enjoyable tropical beach vacation, stay in one of Samui best holiday villas. Koh Samui is unique in many ways from other Thai islands, as it one of the remaining unspoiled tourist spots, with all-concerned taking ample care to maintain the island’s ecology intact. Samui Island has the perfect combination of white sand beaches, excellent year-round tropical weather, verdant landscape, sports opportunities and superb selection of hotels.

koh samui villa rentals

Samui villa rentals pitch in with their ultimate accommodations that are the last word in luxury, comfort and seclusion. Every conceivable facility and amenity to make the vacation of their visitors more comfortable and enjoyable is provided by these establishments. The setting, the architecture, the ambience and the location of luxury villas in Samui help in offering dream holidays to the island’s visitors.

Most of the best Samui villas are equipped with swimming pools, Jacuzzis, exclusive spas, gyms, gardens, multi-cuisine restaurants and bars to ensure that their guests feel contended and happy. The spacious rooms are provided with all modern amenities that any tourist may ever want to use. The balconies and terraces provided in the rooms are helpful in deriving maximum enjoyment from staying in tune with nature.

While some hotels have separate villas and cottages affording complete privacy, others ensure with their design that their guests remain undisturbed during their stay. Some villas come with private pools to make sure that the privacy of their guests is not intruded upon. In other accommodations, the huge common swimming pools compensate for this.

Most of luxury villas have in-house spas that have earned a name of their own with visitors coming in to enjoy their exclusive treatments. Thai and other oriental health and beauty treatments are the most in demand. The availability of spas within the hotel complex makes it all the more easier for the tourists to enjoy their vacation.

Holiday Rentals – The Ideal Getaway for Relaxation

The Library Hotel Samui is for those travelers who find it unthinkable to stay separated from their favorite books. The hotel not only provides the perfect ambience for book reading, but also offers the maximum comfort and solitude demanded by book fanatics. The hotel considers it a success, if their guests can finish a book during the stay.

the library samui

Though the Library Hotel Samui is meant as a safe haven for the reading travelers, the level of luxury and comfort offered by them is enjoyed by all – even the book-hating kind. The hotel located on the popular Chaweng Beach is perfect for tourists who want to join in the lively atmosphere of the beach area. The beach is famous for its shopping and entertainment options and nightlife.

The theme of the hotel being library, the hotel revolves around its library unit called ‘The Lib’. This is well-stocked with fiction, non-fiction, illustrated books and books of every conceivable kind, together with movie DVDs and music CDs. The ultimate is the iMac corner, which is an air-conditioned room affording amazing ocean views.

The other unique features of the hotel are The Red Pool, The Page Restaurant, the Beach Bar, The Fit and Is Spa. At the beachfront restaurant The Page, diners get to choose from a wide range of delicious Thai and Western cuisines and a fine selection of wine. The restaurant pays as much attention to the flavor of food, as it gives to its presentation and ambience.

The Library Hotel Samui has two types of accommodation – Suites on the ground floor and Studios on the first floor of the duplex hotel building. While the Suites have open-air living areas, the Studios have balconies to enjoy the world outside.

The Library Hotel Samui is based on the premise that books, movies and music are inevitable constituents of a good vacation. The hotel helps you enjoy a good vacation by providing these, together with comfort, luxury and solitude.

The deluxe rooms, luxurious ambience and excellent facilities offered by Koh samui villa rentals combine to give visitors an unforgettable holiday.

Villa Padma – Best of Private Luxury Phuket Villas for Rent

best private luxury Phuket villas for rentPhuket is one of Thailand’s best beach destinations. An island known for its naturally beautiful surroundings and rich culture, this has been a favorite of beach lovers for many years. Unspoilt beaches and luxury retreats are what Phuket is all about. If you love being out in the sun and spending a great amount of time at the beach, then it is time to choose among the available Phuket villas where you can spend your island holiday. A very impressive haven you should not miss is Villa Padma. Nestled amidst lush greenery and with amazing panorama of the beach, this is among the most popular luxury Phuket villas currently available. Located in Cape Yamu, this is only 25 minutes away from the town of Phuket and is only 30 minutes away from the International Airport.

The infinity pool deck that showcases a luxurious swimming pool, cozy loungers, and magnificent views, makes this villa in Phuket a truly blissful retreat. Villa Padma was created to impress and every inch of this place will blow you away. There is an internet connection for hassle free connectivity. There is also a BBQ area where you can spend some lazy time with your guests while enjoying freshly grilled skewers and cocktails. The Cinema Room, which also doubles as an extra sleeping area boasts a 12-seater complex and a collection of popular movies from different genres. Villa Padma is a fusion style Phuket villa with the right mix of contemporary elements with Thai accents.

From the infinity pool, you will be rewarded with the most breathtaking views of the beach and the distant mountains. The villa offers beautiful scenery day all day. A sunken sala with nautical color scheme also makes a good lounge spot. The views from here are unobstructed, making this a favorite of guests as well. This is the perfect place to watch the sunset and get dreamy about the tropical ambience. Click here for more details.

Villa Padma is among the Phuket villas that will surely wow you in terms of accommodations. No room has been spared from understated glamour. All the bedrooms are grand and spacious, with the roomy bed facing the sea and the mountains. You will love waking up to this place. The open design also allows guests to have a glimpse of the tropical garden. Cushy chairs and a contemporary TV complete the look. Even the en suite bathrooms are worth raving about. Whether you are having your morning shower or having an aromatic bubble bath after all the partying, the bathrooms will make you feel like a royalty. Luxury toiletries and towels are available. Our best private luxury Phuket villas for rent has a furnished balcony where they can enjoy the vista even more.

The dining room is very charming and was designed to be comfortable. There are enough seats for 8 guests here. Ancient art hang on the wall and luxurious Thai accents are used to create a homey feel. All in all, Villa Padma is one of the Phuket villas you will love.

Luxury Villa Rentals in Bali 2015

In the event you are traveling abroad keep in your mind that there are far more choices than resorts for spending the night. Consider there are several other excellent choices and you will even save lots of money by going with a different choice.

Among the favored choices is leasing a villa.

You wont’ have the ability to go and pre scrutinize your villa so that youare going to need to seek out an organization you could trust to let your villa from.

When you discover an excellent business after that you can contact them and let them know what you would like. They’ll let you work in your budget for the dates you want to go to. They are able to frequently locate an excellent fit for your requirements.

Make sure that you just remember that these are not like your domestic resorts. In the event you would like air conditioning as well as wifi youwill need to request such comforts or you also will not get them.

It is a good idea to get several estimates before you book your experience. By doing this it is possible to relatively price the many different villas. With an increase of choices you will find it simpler to locate everything you are seeking and you will not have to settle for less than you’re seeing in your head.

Be shrewd additionally and contemplate your financial plan. Contain this cash in your financial plan and you will find an even finer villa to remain in.

A lot of people are picking villas over resorts when they go to Bali. While go to has lots of great resorts, you can nevertheless save lots of cash by booking a villa in lieu of a resort. It may provide you with a more unique visit and expertise. It is a great solution to get fun in Bali.

You might be shocked to discover the differences in pricing. You will be surprised when you discover such fantastic prices on a number of the villas. You will not be losing anything by selecting a villa over a resort in fact, you will be making a wise selection and increasing a lot more in conveniences when you choose a villa over a resort. Several have found that the villa isn’t only cheaper, it is also a lot more personable plus it provides you with a lot more high-end for the purchase price. Together with the additional incentive of having your own personal kitchen, what more would you require? Call your travel agent now to book Bali villas and begin on the next venture.